November 2008 Tweetup: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 3

Posted by scottstead on Apr 10, 2009 in DC Social Media, Twitter, Vlog
Long past due, this video has been sitting in my ‘unedited’ folder for months. I figured that I owed it to the Jagermeister girls, Aaron “Technosailor” Brazell, Andrew Feinberg, Jamy Barab, Judy Buttons, and Steelers Nation to get this video up. It’s nothing amazing, it’s just a night out with some friends captured for all times. Oh, and I lay out the meaning of life somewhere in the middle there.

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Tweetup and Grill Out @ Pistachio’s

Posted by scottstead on Jul 2, 2008 in Bloggers, Travel, Twitter, Vlog
Pistachio was good enough to host a tweetup at her place in Boston with Steve Garfield and Carol Garfield, Alexa Scordato, Ravi Jain and Sonia, Michael Krigsman, Maria Thurrell and some rather large puppies (large enough for Ravi to ride). The grill cooled off, the fire started, Smores were made and in the darkness – I decided I needed some sort of video documentation of the tweetup.  And no, I did not use Steve Garfield’s HotDogCam.

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Adventures in Entrepreneurship: Twitterwhore.com

Posted by scottstead on Jun 24, 2008 in Bloggers, Misc. Links, Twitter


About a year ago someone dropped the phrase Twitterwhore on Twitter. I thought it was catchy. I liked it. I bought the domain. A week or so ago the infamous Lisa Nova dropped a video on YouTube called Twitter Whore. It’s pretty fun. I had discussed with Andrew Wright, Shana Glickfield, and Chris Pirandian one night over drinks the necessity for t-shirts that were easily customizable so that you could get put your @twittername on the front and “Follow Me” on the back for the sake of conferences, tweet-ups and conversation starts. With these things all bouncing around in my head – I realized I had the domain, I searched for a t-shirt provider that had the customization via the web that I needed to make it a reality, and I learned a little CSS in the process. The end result? T-shirts you can customize, buy, and wear to spread your addiction, share your twitter user name, and let people know where you’re @. Check them out and select one below or head over to the Twitterwhore store at Zazzle.

In association with Zazzle.com
AA Conference Tee

Unisex Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several colors and sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

In association with Zazzle.com
AA Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee

Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

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@ComcastCares: Now I’m a Believer

Posted by scottstead on Jun 22, 2008 in Blogging, Misc. Links

As most of you probably know I produce a live internet talk show with Jonny Goldstein every Wednesday at 9pm. Jonny’s Partay. As anyone who has ever done live streaming knows, the success of your show depends on a lot of different factors; your camera, audio, and pc are all your responsibility. You are at the every whim of the internet gods when it comes to two things: your streaming service provider and your internet service provider. We’ve dealt with both – the real beast being the ISP. If Mogulus is down, which it has rarely been – there are always the old handy backups (i.e. Ustream, BlogTV, Operator11, etc.). On the flipside if Comcast is down – you have to change locations, find another way to get online, or FAIL. A huge thanks to Jill Foster and her man Sean for allowing us to use her place last week for the Frank Gruber/ Tech Cocktail episode of Jonny’s Partay. Which brings me to the purpose of the post…

Comcast Crashes
Jill Foster’s appearance on the Partay was compromised due to an uncertain internet connection that would only days later be pinpointed to an RF level issue after some investigation. With much frustration, having dealt with Comcast on the phone before, I made the dreaded call. For the sake of it, and after hearing many good things about his efforts from the likes of Michael Arrington of TechCrunch and Dave Winer, I made it a point to check out the touted @ComcastCares account on twitter.

Within an hour, Frank Eliason, the man behind the twitter account, had an answer for me. In the meantime, Comcast’s phone service personell had given me the old we can have someone out in a day or two in certain 5 hour windows. Frank, however, had managed to dig in, checked not only my box but cable boxes in my neighborhood and ascertained that it was in fact a broader issue.

With that – the issue was escalated and within 48 hours my Comcast connection was repaired along with those of my entire neighborhood.

Comcast Cares
I am one of many that have benefited from the seeming single-handed efforts of Frank at Comcast. A Google search for “@comcastcares twitter” reveals a number of links to now-believers-like-myself:
Marketing Nirvana, Conversation Agent, BKM Blog, A Wider Net, and Tech Crunch have all blogged similar success stories related to this unorthodox (but much appreciated) behavior from a company who in the past may not have had the best relationship with their customers.

So the questions remain – is Twitter valuable as a service agent for other companies? Is this an important step for companies like Comcast to take – is it a PR stunt – or is it simply the workings of one over-achieving-geek within the company that gives the company a better name and ends up convincing people like me that Comcast really does care? Regardless of the big picture and all the arguments of “how many people does the availability of this service on Twitter really affect.” One guy made a difference. Thanks Frank – now I’m a believer.

In typical @Comcastcares fashion Frank responded to this post with the answer to my previous question.

Thanks again and best of luck to Comcast , your staff, and the many new channels and tools you’re using to improve Comcast’s image as well as your customers overall Comcast experience.

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