November 2008 Tweetup: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 3

Posted by scottstead on Apr 10, 2009 in DC Social Media, Twitter, Vlog
Long past due, this video has been sitting in my ‘unedited’ folder for months. I figured that I owed it to the Jagermeister girls, Aaron “Technosailor” Brazell, Andrew Feinberg, Jamy Barab, Judy Buttons, and Steelers Nation to get this video up. It’s nothing amazing, it’s just a night out with some friends captured for all times. Oh, and I lay out the meaning of life somewhere in the middle there.

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Tweetup and Grill Out @ Pistachio’s

Posted by scottstead on Jul 2, 2008 in Bloggers, Travel, Twitter, Vlog
Pistachio was good enough to host a tweetup at her place in Boston with Steve Garfield and Carol Garfield, Alexa Scordato, Ravi Jain and Sonia, Michael Krigsman, Maria Thurrell and some rather large puppies (large enough for Ravi to ride). The grill cooled off, the fire started, Smores were made and in the darkness – I decided I needed some sort of video documentation of the tweetup.  And no, I did not use Steve Garfield’s HotDogCam.

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