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Posted by scottstead on Jan 7, 2009 in Blogging, Television, Twitter
Online Communities
online communities

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about television and online communities lately. As television becomes internet, and internet becomes television and the whole concept is greying and blurring into “content delivery” a question arises; communities built around online content are very different (at least it seems to me) from communities built around TV content. It only makes sense that as the mediums begin to merge, so will the communities. I understand that there are communities and forums where people discuss television content; but it seems far different from say a community like YouTube or Facebook which in and of itself is about the community, and the content is in and of itself a part of and a reflection of that community as opposed to being the object of discussion within it.

Some television networks are getting hip to this by building media playgrounds/communities like CNN’s I-Report, Fox News Channel’s U-Report, We-Report, They-Report, you get the idea. Barack Obama has been the leader in the political scene using community building strategies to increase his support and ability to connect with constituents/fellow Americans. Senators and Congressman have been flocking to twitter (pun intended) and even news personalities have been targeting Twitter and other social media outlets to get engaged in conversation with their viewers/consumers. My question then is, where is all of this going? What are the next steps?

And so – I’ve come up with a list of questions that I hope you all can answer. For me, the real crackerjacks in community building are folks like Ze Frank who have really stood out over the years in getting folks to contribute, collaborate, participate and just be really excited about being a part of a community and interacting with content. Seriously, the guy got me to write my first “nerdcore rap” for his “Twitter Color Wars.” But enough about me, lets talk about you, what do you think of…

  • What are some examples of smart personalization online?
  • Where are the online communities you’re most impressed with? What do you like about them?
  • What should community look like for television/news networks?
  • Should it be a destination on the television/news network’s primary .com site or distributed throughout other platforms?
  • How would community manifest itself online vs. on TV? Should it go offline, too?
  • What about international networks? Is language a limiting factor?
  • How do we wrap community around video? Who is doing it well already?
  • What could a television/news network really hope to gain by investing in community?
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    Posted by scottstead on Jul 28, 2008 in Bloggers, Documentary, Film, Misc. Links, Movies

    come join us

    Doctor Popular pointed out to me one day that a blog post he had written showed up on the front page of IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). I had mentioned that I had a film club in college and had been, in fact, dying to start a film club here in DC. Previously I had been watching films with a pal of mine in the basement of a bar on Capitol Hill during his late-night-dead-shifts. I threw out the possibility of throwing up a Ning site. And the rest is history. Documentary club was born! About 25 minutes later we were talking layouts, films, how to snag members…and speaking of snag.


    In the process I came across a great site called Snag Films. These folks have, for your viewing pleasure, a number of great documentaries free, viewable, streamable, and even cooler – embeddable. So you want to throw up SuperSize Me on your site because you think it’s cool and you wanna’ share it with your friends. Yep, you can do it now.

    So, we’re pretty excited. We’ve got about twenty-five members now and a list of 5 films to choose from for our first two films for the month of August. On tap for the first month is a very likely candidate “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” of which we have the directors of the film John Heyn and Jeff Krulik on board to participate in the conversation.

    I’m really excited about this on so many levels. We’ve been contacting the makers of other films in hopes of getting them on board as well – and so far they’ve been really receptive. The documentary community, much like social media really seems to be, by nature, very open and cooperative. I love the entertainment aspect combined with the educational aspect – and now to throw in the community aspect, just seems to bring it full circle. What were documentaries made for if not to be discussed! Come, joinus! Voting for the August films ends August 1st. Hope to see you there!

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    Scoblechuk 08 Interviews: Part 2

    Posted by scottstead on Jun 26, 2008 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Misc. Links, Partay, Vlog
    The interviews continue with Chris Parandian of www.MobileDiner.com and Technosailor of Technosailor.com. I think he’s dropped the “Aaron Brazell” all together at this point. Regardless, they recap the evening and get to the root of what DC Social Media needs to go to the next level – more face time.  Check it out!

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    Scoblechuk 08 Interview

    Posted by scottstead on Jun 25, 2008 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Misc. Links, Partay, Vlog
    Jonny and I interviewed Robert Scoble, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Andrew Feinberg at this DC throwdown at a swanky lil’ join in NW Washington.  Ties were loosened as we learned about Scoble’s previous experiences in the ice cream business and Gary’s hatred for the Redskins. A big thanks to Andrew Feinberg and Nick O’Neill for making this happen.

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    Adventures in Entrepreneurship: Twitterwhore.com

    Posted by scottstead on Jun 24, 2008 in Bloggers, Misc. Links, Twitter


    About a year ago someone dropped the phrase Twitterwhore on Twitter. I thought it was catchy. I liked it. I bought the domain. A week or so ago the infamous Lisa Nova dropped a video on YouTube called Twitter Whore. It’s pretty fun. I had discussed with Andrew Wright, Shana Glickfield, and Chris Pirandian one night over drinks the necessity for t-shirts that were easily customizable so that you could get put your @twittername on the front and “Follow Me” on the back for the sake of conferences, tweet-ups and conversation starts. With these things all bouncing around in my head – I realized I had the domain, I searched for a t-shirt provider that had the customization via the web that I needed to make it a reality, and I learned a little CSS in the process. The end result? T-shirts you can customize, buy, and wear to spread your addiction, share your twitter user name, and let people know where you’re @. Check them out and select one below or head over to the Twitterwhore store at Zazzle.

    In association with Zazzle.com
    AA Conference Tee

    Unisex Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several colors and sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

    In association with Zazzle.com
    AA Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee

    Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

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    Jonny’s Partay w/ Rohit Bhargava

    Posted by scottstead on Jun 5, 2008 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Mogulus, Vlog

    DC’s best and brightest social media folks, small business owners, and general inquisitors weathered the storm that kept so many others away Wednesday for another edition of Jonny’s Partay, live at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. Jonny and I interviewed Rohit Bhargava about his new book “Personality Not Included.” A big thanks goes out to Shashi Bellamkonda and Network Solutions for sponsoring the event, Jill Foster for organizing the event in all of its complexity, Jesse Thomas for his support, Rohit Bhargava for writing a book worth talking about, and most especially – our live and internet audiences for great questions and their ongoing Par-tay-cipation. A huge and special thanks goes out to our friends over at Mogulus. They managed to move a scheduled maintenance for us so that the Partay could go on uninterrupted for your viewing pleasure. Apparently they usually only do that sort of thing for Bill Clinton speeches and the likes – so thanks for treating us with the importance the Partay deserves. Your show is only as good as your service provider – and you all have gone above and beyond for us on multiple occasions. Thanks again everyone and enjoy the show if you haven’t already!

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    Busboys and Poets: Lijit Breakfast Edition

    Posted by scottstead on May 13, 2008 in Bloggers, Vlog

    Tech Cocktail 2 DC was a success and the hungover masses got together for breakfast, courtesy of Lijit and Micah Baldwin at Busboys and Poets in NW Washington, DC. Appearing in the first of this two part video are Rana Sobhany, Keith Casey, Eric Olson, Jared Goralnick, Jill Foster, and Andrew Lee. In the second half you’ll hear it straight from the horses mouth as we interview Frank Gruber, Micah Baldwin, and Jen Consalvo.

    The Interviews

    The Kids Table

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    SXSW. 2008. Mobs, Mentors, Meeting and Moo’s

    Posted by scottstead on Mar 10, 2008 in Bloggers, Blogging, SXSW, Utterz

    Steve Garfield Photo Op

    My experience in a nut shell is as follows: I don’t really know if I can say anything incredibly original about my experience at SXSW. Jonny Goldstein and I have interviewed a lot of people over the course of the last several days and their responses to a milieu of questions, while varied, have revolved around “SXSW is a great place to meet people”…”doing a lot of the same stuff”…”in the blogosphere”…”in social media”…”it’s a great time”…”to see the faces of all of the people that you don’t get to see normally”…”are you on Twitter?”.

    In addition to finally putting some faces to names, faces to otherwise digital representations of faces, and faces to voices – I’ve been swimming in a sea of creativity. There are a lot of really great people, doing a lot of great things, some not so great things, and some really original things. So the question for me is, is this about the inherent value in a lot of their products/content – or is this primarily a culture of buzz?

    I’m not sure what I expected to get out of this, or that I feel any more hip to the scene, or that I’ve had any epiphany’s while I’ve been here. I know that I need to keep creating content and getting better at it. I know that the “market” is saturated and it’s really hard to break out with anything “great.” I just know that I enjoy rockin’ out with Jonny on the Par-tay, that I enjoy shooting and editing videos, but I don’t know if I’m any closer to figuring out how to make a business out of it. I’ve got 10 years of television under my belt as of June/July – production, writing, editing, shooting, and engineering. I’ve got a LOT of ideas. But I’m not really sure I know where to go from here.

    I’m not sure how many people share my frustation in this…but I’m sure that I’m not alone. I’ll be 28 in November. I’m young. I’m aware. I would love to have a career in something where I can flex my creative muscles and “own” a piece of something that I’ve made happen. So the question remains for me “where do I go from here.”


    • Mobs: The blogging “community” was outraged by their treatment during the Mark Zuckerberg panel due to an unprepared moderator that didn’t respect them. A certain “technosailor” busted out a “Beacon Sucks!” and it spread like wild fire over Twitter in mere moments. Twitter pwnd again when impromptu parties popped up due to quick and dirty Twitters by the likes of Chris Brogan and company.
    • Mentors: I met people that I look up to. I met people that really like helping other people. I hope everyone took away a lot from this conference.
    • Meeting: I got to meet a lot of people that I never would have otherwise met that I cross paths with on a daily basis on the interweb.
    • Moos: Jonny and I busted out a lot of Utterz. Please check them out at Utterz.com. Maybe I have a future as a nerdcore rapper? Hardly. But we had a lot of fun. We also ran around in cow suits and wreaked havoc on the conference. Photos to come later.

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