Sharkey’s Skittlebrau: A DC Original

Posted by scottstead on Jul 27, 2008 in Life, Vlog
Sharkey runs the bar in the basement of the 18th Ammendment on Pennsylvania on Capitol Hill. It’s truly his domain. So much so – that it’s been dubbed “Sharkey’s Playhouse”. Sharkey does a lot of weird things – from making bacon infused Vodka drinks resembling a BLT to dropping skittles into a perfectly good Budweiser. If anyone out there is an avid Simpson’s fan you’ll understand the Skittlebrau reference. For those that don’t I’ll leave it for you to look up. Thanks Sharkey – it was a sweet treat. Very kool-aid like. Oooooh yeah! After all it is sugar and water…err I mean Budweiser…same difference.
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