Technosailor.com Birthday Bash

Posted by scottstead on May 27, 2008 in Bloggers, Blogging, DC Social Media, Life, Vlog

The D.C. social media community made it out on Tuesday May 20, 2008 to celebrate the re-re-re-rebirth of www.Technosailor.com – the brain child of Aaron Brazell. After four years, four contributors, and 2000 posts the crew decided it was time to celebrate the milestone. Jimmy Gardner, Barry Austin, Jill Foster, Mike Dougherty, Shashi Bellamkonda, Chris Pirandian, Andrew Wright, Justin Thorp, Geoff Livingston, Steven Fisher and many, many more all made it out – some squeaked their way into the following video to wish Aaron and the crew good luck and a happy year 5.

The Gathered Masses

One on One with the Technosailor Himself

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The Future of Media in 2008

Posted by scottstead on May 15, 2008 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Vlog

Chris Condayan approached me outside of Capitol City Brewery on Capitol Hill at the pre-Podcamp DC happy hour for a brief interview. This is the video that ensued. @CSuspect aka Chris Condayan, a “recovering punk rocker” in his own right put together this video highlighting the challenges that “old media” faces in lieu of the all the user generated content and new media outlets stealing the attention of what was previously a captive audience. In his own words,

“57% of senior executives in the media and entertainment industries view user-generated content as one of the top three challenges they face today. Filmed on April 19, 2008 at Podcamp DC, I interviewed several media makers from organizations as diverse as NPR, Porter Novelli, Harris Teeters, etc., who are creating their own content for their own niches on their own time, and foresee a future that will make traditional media obsolete.”

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