SXSWi 2010: Kosha Dillz and Flex Mathews

Posted by scottstead on Mar 19, 2010 in Music, Nerdcore, SXSW, Travel, Vlog
Reprising some rhymes for Shaya Loney of Answers.com the day after their debut performance at Gary Vaynerchuk's Presentation. Hailing from New Jersey and DC respectively, when asked, "can you kick it?" They swiftly responded, "Yes we can" with this fantastic flow.

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SXSW Cogaoke 2010: Stay Awesome, Vote Awesome

Posted by scottstead on Feb 23, 2010 in Karaoke, SXSW

What you are looking at to your immediate left are the results of last year’s 2009 Cogaoke online contest. You voted and I left everything I had on the stage, along with my former Jonny’s Partay cohort Jonny Goldstein, now of Envizualize. Jonny and I finished huge with our rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away”, complete with hand stands, keytars, and umm…socks, yes, socks. You get the idea. We brought home the silver with a solid second place (we’re pretty sure it was fixed). This year I and David Hale, known by many as Twitter’s @lostonroute66, will be pulling off a karaoke feat that no other dare attempt – trying to nail the cogaoke-triple-mc-half-spring-vocal-twist (which shall remain a big surprise until then). You can assure a killer performance this year (and the possible appearance of special guests) by voting for us every day for the next 6 days. With this vote you are guaranteeing the continuation of karaoke-awesome-ocity, the betterment of mankind, and longer lives for babies, puppies, and kittens everywhere. So, gear up, get ready and head your browsers on over to our page at the Ok Cogaoke voting battle grounds HERE and give us your vote (in as many browsers, at as many locations as you can whip up). Because you have to know by now that…

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