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Twitter-Attack Preparedness: Duck and Cover

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I really enjoyed seeing that yesterday’s “Twitter attack” yielded the same response as a cyclone:

Twitter Down



Picture 13

Wow, just wow. It’s as if we need the 21st century equivalent of a duck and cover campaign in the event that Twitter is taken down. Technology really is the new drug, isn’t it. Thoughts?

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November 2008 Tweetup: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 3

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Long past due, this video has been sitting in my ‘unedited’ folder for months. I figured that I owed it to the Jagermeister girls, Aaron “Technosailor” Brazell, Andrew Feinberg, Jamy Barab, Judy Buttons, and Steelers Nation to get this video up. It’s nothing amazing, it’s just a night out with some friends captured for all times. Oh, and I lay out the meaning of life somewhere in the middle there.

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Television and Online Communities

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Online Communities
online communities

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about television and online communities lately. As television becomes internet, and internet becomes television and the whole concept is greying and blurring into “content delivery” a question arises; communities built around online content are very different (at least it seems to me) from communities built around TV content. It only makes sense that as the mediums begin to merge, so will the communities. I understand that there are communities and forums where people discuss television content; but it seems far different from say a community like YouTube or Facebook which in and of itself is about the community, and the content is in and of itself a part of and a reflection of that community as opposed to being the object of discussion within it.

Some television networks are getting hip to this by building media playgrounds/communities like CNN’s I-Report, Fox News Channel’s U-Report, We-Report, They-Report, you get the idea. Barack Obama has been the leader in the political scene using community building strategies to increase his support and ability to connect with constituents/fellow Americans. Senators and Congressman have been flocking to twitter (pun intended) and even news personalities have been targeting Twitter and other social media outlets to get engaged in conversation with their viewers/consumers. My question then is, where is all of this going? What are the next steps?

And so – I’ve come up with a list of questions that I hope you all can answer. For me, the real crackerjacks in community building are folks like Ze Frank who have really stood out over the years in getting folks to contribute, collaborate, participate and just be really excited about being a part of a community and interacting with content. Seriously, the guy got me to write my first “nerdcore rap” for his “Twitter Color Wars.” But enough about me, lets talk about you, what do you think of…

  • What are some examples of smart personalization online?
  • Where are the online communities you’re most impressed with? What do you like about them?
  • What should community look like for television/news networks?
  • Should it be a destination on the television/news network’s primary .com site or distributed throughout other platforms?
  • How would community manifest itself online vs. on TV? Should it go offline, too?
  • What about international networks? Is language a limiting factor?
  • How do we wrap community around video? Who is doing it well already?
  • What could a television/news network really hope to gain by investing in community?
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    Help Free Brian Conley, James Powderly and Others

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    UPDATE August 21: Free the Beijing 6 [from FreeTibet2008.org]
    BREAKING NEWS – August 21 – 11PM Beijing: Six foreigners given 10 days’ detention by Beijing Police.

    BEIJING (AFP) — Beijing police said Thursday it had handed out 10-day detention terms to six foreigners believed by an overseas activist group to be pro-Tibet campaigners involved in Olympic protests this week.
    SFT’s Statement on the Sentencing
    These individuals were in Beijing to amplify Tibetan voices calling for freedom and human rights and the right of all people to freedom of expression. They are no more guilty of a crime than Tibetans or Chinese who speak out for justice and for the Chinese authorities to sentence them at all shows the government’s paranoia and intolerance of even the most peaceful challenges to its control. (continues below…)
    SFT WILL FIGHT THIS UNTIL THEY ARE HOME – MORE HERE SOON ON WHAT YOU CAN DO: Remember why they went, and keep in mind – Americans get 10 days jail, Chinese grannies get one year forced labor, and Tibetans get shot.

    free the baghdadbrian5

    I’ve met a lot of great people via Jonny’s Partay. I’ve met folks that are using social media not just as a tool to further their career, launch their startup, become a superstar overnight, or let us know what they’ve had for lunch; but, people who are using technology to exact social change via the mediums. To perfect examples of this are Brian Conley, award winning videographer and creator of AliveInBaghdad.org, and James Powderly one of the minds behind Graffiti Research Labs, a group that exercises free expression using technology and art with the world that we live in as their medium. Brian Conley is a former guest of Jonny’s Partay and an all around great guy, videographer, citizen of the world, filmmaker, educator and peace fighter – he stopped in DC for a tweetup earlier this year to meet and greet some folks at a bar near Capitol Hill. James Powderly is a personal friend of Jonny Goldstein and fellow Alums from the interactive technology program at NYU. These guys were in China reporting on the struggle for Tibetan independence, covering news that the networks were all too busy to cover because its apparently more important to keep track of how many Gold medals the Chinese have won than the freedom of a people. And while we were sleeping…

    Right now those Olympic rings are looking a lot like handcuffs. Brian Conley, his friend Jefferey Rae, James Powderly and others were arrested and are currently being detained in a Chinese prison in Beijing. Details started pouring in around 1am this morning via twitter after a post on FreeTibet2008.org surfaced. It was all abuzz on twitter with folks like NBC’s @NewMediaJim and NPR’s @ACarvin scouring for details to compile as much information as possible about the incident. At this point the best that we all can do is to get this as much press coverage as possible to demand and ensure their safe return. Please Digg this article about their arrest and subsequent detention to help free our friends.

    Below you’ll find a few posts I’ve collected from around the world wide web showcasing the developments (or the lack of them – we just know that they’ve been detained at this point) in this story. The real question again – is why isn’t this being covered in the main stream press aside from the NY Times? Where are the networks? If these were mass media journalists it’s a sure bet that this would be national news. Again – has the line been drawn between professional journalist and citizen journalist? These are American citizens, friends, and generally great people fighting for something bigger than themselves. So please – Digg the story above and help free the BaghdadBrian6.

    Found Articles:

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    Rosebud Diner

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    Stopped in for some lunch at the Rosebud Diner for that classic diner car experience. Aside from the flat screen TV in the corner the experience was pretty authentic, from the waitress that you assume has worked here for the duration of the establishment’s existence pushing the daily special to the signage hanging around the room. I do love me a lunch counter. The second video is a down and dirty review of my tasty marinated turkey tips and Jane’s grilled cheese.

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    Tweetup and Grill Out @ Pistachio’s

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    Pistachio was good enough to host a tweetup at her place in Boston with Steve Garfield and Carol Garfield, Alexa Scordato, Ravi Jain and Sonia, Michael Krigsman, Maria Thurrell and some rather large puppies (large enough for Ravi to ride). The grill cooled off, the fire started, Smores were made and in the darkness – I decided I needed some sort of video documentation of the tweetup.  And no, I did not use Steve Garfield’s HotDogCam.

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    Adventures in Entrepreneurship: Twitterwhore.com

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    About a year ago someone dropped the phrase Twitterwhore on Twitter. I thought it was catchy. I liked it. I bought the domain. A week or so ago the infamous Lisa Nova dropped a video on YouTube called Twitter Whore. It’s pretty fun. I had discussed with Andrew Wright, Shana Glickfield, and Chris Pirandian one night over drinks the necessity for t-shirts that were easily customizable so that you could get put your @twittername on the front and “Follow Me” on the back for the sake of conferences, tweet-ups and conversation starts. With these things all bouncing around in my head – I realized I had the domain, I searched for a t-shirt provider that had the customization via the web that I needed to make it a reality, and I learned a little CSS in the process. The end result? T-shirts you can customize, buy, and wear to spread your addiction, share your twitter user name, and let people know where you’re @. Check them out and select one below or head over to the Twitterwhore store at Zazzle.

    In association with Zazzle.com
    AA Conference Tee

    Unisex Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several colors and sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

    In association with Zazzle.com
    AA Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee

    Ladies Organic Fitted Conference Tee, American Apparel, Sweatshop Free, 100% Made in the USA, comes in several sizes. Customizable username on front, “Follow Me” on the back.

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