SXSWi 2010: Kosha Dillz and Flex Mathews

Posted by scottstead on Mar 19, 2010 in Music, Nerdcore, SXSW, Travel, Vlog
Reprising some rhymes for Shaya Loney of Answers.com the day after their debut performance at Gary Vaynerchuk's Presentation. Hailing from New Jersey and DC respectively, when asked, "can you kick it?" They swiftly responded, "Yes we can" with this fantastic flow.

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Rap Fails To Impress, Crappy Merit Badge Makes Headlines

Posted by scottstead on Apr 15, 2008 in Bloggers, Color Wars, Music, Nerdcore
doc pop
mediocre merit badge
I didn’t win. But apparently my merit badge is pretty awesome. All kidding aside, thanks to Doc Pop for selecting me as his runner up. Thanks to Chris Brogan, Jimmy Gardner, Jonny Goldstein, and everyone that dug the rap. Do I have a future making nerdy raps or raps of any kind for that matter? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is apparent that I have a future in merit badge making. Check out the vid.

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Ze Frank’s Color Wars Nerd Rap Contest

Posted by scottstead on Apr 11, 2008 in Bloggers, Music, Nerdcore

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I entered. This is my rap…BLUE TEAM REPRESENT!

And if you’re really itching to check out the remix I completed the morning after – here it is. The Remix Is Here
Start Rediculousness
A wella wella -
Mc Scott aint frontin, nerd rapper huntin
i’m hittin that shit – while you lookin for the button
Your fake like spam, and im hot like bacon
I’m the master mc youre a failure in the makin’
I’m on version 27 you’re still rollin in beta.
I’m geekier than screech, but i’m tougha’ than slata’
id be in prison if Pwnin u was a crime
autobots rollout – im tough like optimus prime

I’m slick with the coding like im slick with the ladies
I was getting laid on BBS’ back in the 80′s
I might be white like the bread, but im hotter than hades
i slam like a hammer and i flow like euphrates

ill mac your girl like the kirk,i’ll knock you out like the spock,
i’ll post the picshas up on flickr because thats how i rock

im representin’ for blue – givin the epic F U
im rappin n and im geeking because thats what i do
all you aspiring nerd rappers might have the best of intentions
but I’ve got more rhymes than chris brogans got questions…

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