Browncoats: Redemption
How to Build a Space Ship (on a budget)

Posted by scottstead on Jul 20, 2009 in Movies, Vlog
We revisit the set of Browncoats: Redemption, this time for a full tour of the nearly completed set led by members of the production crew; these are the people that make the magic of space ships and heavy metal cargo bays come to life in the belly of a warehouse in Glen Burnie, MD. If you haven’t already check out their site: www.BrowncoatsMovie.com.

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Browncoats: Redemption
How to Make a Fan Film (for charity)

Posted by scottstead on Jul 20, 2009 in Movies, Vlog
In this video we’re going to take a behind the scenes look at the cast and crew of Browncoats: Redemption, a Firefly fanfilm with a heart. I highly recommend that you swing by and check out their site BrowncoatsMovie.com (after watching this wicked video of course).

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Posted by scottstead on Jul 28, 2008 in Bloggers, Documentary, Film, Misc. Links, Movies

come join us

Doctor Popular pointed out to me one day that a blog post he had written showed up on the front page of IMDB (The Internet Movie Database). I had mentioned that I had a film club in college and had been, in fact, dying to start a film club here in DC. Previously I had been watching films with a pal of mine in the basement of a bar on Capitol Hill during his late-night-dead-shifts. I threw out the possibility of throwing up a Ning site. And the rest is history. Documentary club was born! About 25 minutes later we were talking layouts, films, how to snag members…and speaking of snag.


In the process I came across a great site called Snag Films. These folks have, for your viewing pleasure, a number of great documentaries free, viewable, streamable, and even cooler – embeddable. So you want to throw up SuperSize Me on your site because you think it’s cool and you wanna’ share it with your friends. Yep, you can do it now.

So, we’re pretty excited. We’ve got about twenty-five members now and a list of 5 films to choose from for our first two films for the month of August. On tap for the first month is a very likely candidate “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” of which we have the directors of the film John Heyn and Jeff Krulik on board to participate in the conversation.

I’m really excited about this on so many levels. We’ve been contacting the makers of other films in hopes of getting them on board as well – and so far they’ve been really receptive. The documentary community, much like social media really seems to be, by nature, very open and cooperative. I love the entertainment aspect combined with the educational aspect – and now to throw in the community aspect, just seems to bring it full circle. What were documentaries made for if not to be discussed! Come, joinus! Voting for the August films ends August 1st. Hope to see you there!

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Screen On The Green 2008

Posted by scottstead on Jul 14, 2008 in Life, Movies, Vlog

Thousands, yes thousands, converge on the national mall every year for one of my favorite events – HBO Presents: Screen On The Green. KFC, wine, fresh baked muffins, Triscuits and freshly baked bread are all on the menu. Puppies, children, families, staffers, college students, the old and the young have all dug out their blankets and picnic baskets, lawn chairs and bug spray to participate. Great films and the great outdoors, you truly can't beat it.

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