Technosailor.com Birthday Bash

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The D.C. social media community made it out on Tuesday May 20, 2008 to celebrate the re-re-re-rebirth of www.Technosailor.com – the brain child of Aaron Brazell. After four years, four contributors, and 2000 posts the crew decided it was time to celebrate the milestone. Jimmy Gardner, Barry Austin, Jill Foster, Mike Dougherty, Shashi Bellamkonda, Chris Pirandian, Andrew Wright, Justin Thorp, Geoff Livingston, Steven Fisher and many, many more all made it out – some squeaked their way into the following video to wish Aaron and the crew good luck and a happy year 5.

The Gathered Masses

One on One with the Technosailor Himself

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Washington Nationals Open House

Posted by scottstead on Apr 7, 2008 in Life, Sports, Vlog
Panoramic scenes, food reviews, and a birds eye view of the new stadium in SW Washington, DC. The Washington Nationals have a great new home! Thanks to Jane for her (un)willingess to participate in the food reviews – it was great to get a veggie perspective on the eats at the ballpark.

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Outdoor Train Garden: United States Botanic Garden 12/07

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This is some video I captured of the Outdoor Train Garden at the United States Botanic Garden (nestled just below the steps of the Capitol). This is something they do every year for the holiday season. The display is made from different plants including waste wood. I really recommend checking this out next holiday season if you’re around town.

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Jonny’s Birthday Par-tay Live! (Previously Recorded)

Posted by scottstead on Mar 19, 2008 in Bloggers, Life, Partay

Jonny Cake Head
Holy (*&#% Batman! It’s (was) Jonny’s birthday! Several of Jonny’s friends came over and celebrated with us over at www.mogulus.com/jonnysbirthday. It was quite the blowout! Viewers came out of the wood work to watch Jonny get a day older and a few hairs shorter. Some of the highlights of the show were:

  • Live Studio Audience!
  • Cake and Ice Cream!
  • Special Guests!
  • A Special Performance (or two)!

I just want to thank everyone that submitted videos to wish Jonny a happy birthday. If you want to check them out over on YouTube. Jonny wrote up a nice wrap up post about it over at www.JonnyGoldstein.com – check it out. Happy Birthday Jonny!


Taxi Cab Confessions w/ Irina Slutsky @ SXSW 2008

Posted by scottstead on Mar 13, 2008 in Bloggers, Life, Partay, SXSW, Vlog

Jonny Goldstein, GerryT, and I got into a car with a stranger. That stranger – was Irina Slutsky. Irina, as usual did things a little different; in her words “you bring the mountain to Mohammed.” And that’s just what the folks at the festival did. They came in droves for a drive, but at what cost? A confession. These are our confessions. Enjoy!

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Jeff Pulver’s Interview w/ Jonny’s Par-tay

Posted by scottstead on Feb 9, 2008 in Life, Vlog

Jeff Pulver gets the skinny on the Partay, talks about politics, and jams with us over some coffee and breakfast at Busyboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. live via his Nokia N95 on QIK.com.


DC Breakfast With Jeff Pulver

Posted by scottstead on Feb 9, 2008 in Life, Vlog

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All the DC social media folks got together on this February morning – bright and early – to accomplish two things – eat breakfast and meet Jeff Pulver. This is a document of that event.
Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)


DC Tweet Up – December 2007

Posted by scottstead on Dec 27, 2007 in Life, MediaBlogs, Vlog

Video thumbnail. Click to play
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My first DC Tweet up…and perhaps the first official one. Shashi B. had us all hit up Indique Heights restaurant in Friendship Heights for some Indian Food. A big thanks to Vinod for a great dining experience – and a big thanks to everyone that showed up for a good old fashioned geek-together.

The Cast: Eric Blair (in the thumbnail – sorry pal), Shashi Bellamkonda, Jeff Hibbard, Shana Glickfield, Mark Benton, Andrew Wright, Jimmy Gardner and myself.

The Location: Indique Heights, Chevy Chase, MD

The Gear: My brand new Casio Exilim EX-Z77. Small, portable, and apparently not a bad picture at all.


Pressing Ever Forward

Posted by scottstead on Dec 23, 2007 in Life, Vlog

On A MissionWow, so having the last few days off has afforded me the time to figure out what I need to be doing to move forward with my blogging, my exploration into social media, and what I need to do to start creating content.

I haven’t touched my brand spanking new video camera. I purchased – with birthday cash from my Moms (thank you for your support) – a Canon HV20. I shopped around a lot and went with this camera because I knew I wanted to be able to create HD content, manually focus (even if the little control is sort of cloogey), have control over shutter speed, iris, and white balance, and be able to shoot in 24p to get video that looked like it was shot on film. This was the only real package that offered all of this and well within my price range. I was looking for something under a grand – and with my corporate discounts ended up sneaking in around $750 with tax. Thank you, corporate discounts.

I have on the other hand been digging into this blog. It may not be apparent. It may look worse than it did before – and that is because I decided that hosting my site through wordpress.com limited my control over how the site looked, behaved, and felt. So I bit the bullet, shopped around and ended up hosting www.scottstead.com at Dreamhost. It was affordable, I found great coupons that made it something like $60 for a year of hosting with the word “unlimited” appended to every feature, and it was a really painless – one-click – install of WordPress. This was important to me at the time – and I think I could have gotten through it on my own – but like I just recently said in a post to the SIAB (ShowInABox) group on google – I don’t know how much time I want to take to learn the web coding side of WordPress – I just want to create content. Which leads me to…

I want to learn the web coding side of WordPress. Au contraire mon frère. But really – I want to know it enough so that I can stylize my website to reflect the content, a tone, a style – but not to the point where I’m spending ALL of my time trying to enter pages of PHP and HTML and JAVA – and while I’ve got a scripting masterpiece – my blog sits empty.

There are a lot of really good resouces out there if you’re trying to figure out how to work your WordPress – perhaps when I’m done I’ll go back and try to put together a list of all of the sites that helped me – you just need to look. There are answers for everything – and sometimes even just dropping a question into Twitter can yield an answer in minutes.

And that’s the beauty of all of this social networking stuff. I’ve built a community around myself that without knowing in the beginning that they would be such a wealth of knowledge for other things that I’ve gotten into. We all influence each other and from what I’ve experienced in really good ways. We influence each other to be more creative, to post more, be more supportive…and here’s where I really need to mention…

PEAvatars. Wow. What a phenomenon. I was really glad to have payed witness to so many people from so many places with such disparate lives supporting a friend that most of them had never even met. From the jokey banter back and forth trying to keep what could have been a grim situation – light, to adopting said PeAvatars, to donating to a fund supporting her cause – Susan Reynolds highlighted for me for the second time where the true values lie in social media.

The first was the Virginia Tech shootings. I don’t want to wax over this again because I spoke about it in a previous post (and this thing is getting long winded) but in both instances a community was formed around the support of a cause. Everyone cared about what was going on down there, and everyone cared about what was going on with Susan. The difference this time was instead of it being centered around a tragedy, it was centered around a person. Our twitter follows and followers became a working relationship, not just a meaningless social networking medium.
In my experience the best relationships are the ones that inspire us to be better people, do more things, be more Awesome. And that’s what participating in social media does for me – and in my experience does for us all. So yeah – I’m making the headlines for my last post a sort of mantra for 2008. Be more Awesome! Thanks for all of your support in my media making, your comments are always helpful and thanks to all of you for being an inspiration. A special thanks to Jonny Goldstein for letting me be a part of the Par-tay. I hope that working with him is my first in many projects of giving back, helping out, and learning a lot in the process.



Learn. Teach. Post. Always be moving forward…

Posted by scottstead on Oct 31, 2007 in Life, The Roll

So, I ‘ve realized that I haven’t made any progress on the blogging front. The fact of the matter is that I haven’t made progress on much of anything I’ve set out to do this year – aside from work, work, hit the bar after work, and try and make some new friends (half of which I’ve made at said bar). I’ve taken Halloween and the two following days off of work and I truly hope to get some things accomplished. Item number 1: Get all of the tech junk I’ve accumulated over the years out of my room, up and working, and on e-bay. I keep putting off buying a nice camera for lack of spare funds – but it’s time. Goodbye multitude of spare computers and parts. Farewell oh plethora of repaired LCD televisions (they’re really nice but seriously who needs 5 seventeen inch LCD tv’s). See ya later barage of random guitar pedals and processors. Mr. Crate amplifier that has blown circuitry…I’d love to fix you, but the truth is I’d rather give you to someone who has the time and buy a new one. I’ll have you know that you’re all contributing to the future of, well, me…my new pressing hobby (making video for the web, writing, and just generally engulfing myself in Media Making). It’s been a good run – but it’s about time you fella’s (and ladies – the LCD’s are too cute to be boys) had a better home, one where you’re used to the fullness of your abilities. Cheers.

Aside from selling and buying stuff – like a good consumer should, I need to go sign up at the Washington Sports Club. After having lost 80 lbs. my junior year of college and getting down to 175lbs., blowing out my knee a year before I moved here, and then working constantly and otherwise sitting on my ass – I’ve subsequently gained 20-30lbs of that mass back. It bothers me. I don’t feel healthy. My smoking has gone through the roof with the vast amount of stress that moving to D.C. and working my pants off to try and save some cash to pay off loans and maybe get a down payment on a house (that’s a big MAYBE). So yeah. Quit smoking. Work out. Get healthy. Feel better. Work on movies, videos, blogging, writing, reading, movie reviewing and all of the things this blog is supposed to be about.

Learn. Teach. Post. Always be moving forward. That’s my new credo.

So wish me luck and a Happy Halloween to all.


Scott Stead (Idea Machine…hopefully this will be a more productive winter than last.)

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