Gerry T Touting SeamlessWeb.com

Posted by scottstead on Feb 8, 2011 in Dining, Vlog
Gerry T working his magic as always at Union Station for the amazing food delivery service, SeamlessWeb.com. It was great to see Gerry and pretty sweet to learn about a new way that restaurants are using the web to connect with customers. One free coffee and a handful of coupons later – here’s what Gerry had to say.

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Pickle Making 101: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 2

Posted by scottstead on Apr 8, 2009 in Dining, DIY, Vlog
Alas! I’ve ventured into the land of pickling, and furthermore documenting the process. For months now I’ve been purchasing pickles from the “pickle man” at Eastern Market, and on the same weekend that I decided to DIY some beer, I decided to DIY some pickles as well. Learn to make pickles in 5 simple steps and about $20 worth of ingredients. It’s a blast, I assure you. p.s. I’ve continued to play with iMovie 09 to expedite my video making process so forgive the gratuitous ‘theme’ transitions. They’re so much fun! A huge thanks to Judy Buttons for the camera work on the project!

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Jonny’s Post Partay

Posted by scottstead on Aug 27, 2008 in DC Social Media, Dining, Vlog
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Rosebud Diner

Posted by scottstead on Jul 4, 2008 in Dining, Twitter, Vlog

Stopped in for some lunch at the Rosebud Diner for that classic diner car experience. Aside from the flat screen TV in the corner the experience was pretty authentic, from the waitress that you assume has worked here for the duration of the establishment’s existence pushing the daily special to the signage hanging around the room. I do love me a lunch counter. The second video is a down and dirty review of my tasty marinated turkey tips and Jane’s grilled cheese.

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