DC Tech Meetup III: Women Founders and Technologists

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This very special edition of DC Tech Meetup includes a wicked smart set of tech demos and panelists. From figuring out finances, to ad hoc networks and from connecting congress with constituents, to open source fabrication; these demos covered everything! Do, I really need to point out that they’re all women? Not really. But after the first two tech meetups being dominated by men, the folks in charge decided it was time to shake it up and show what the women of DC tech have been up to. Jen Consalvo, COO of Tech Cocktail facilitated the evening.

Intro: Jen Consalvo, COO, Tech Cocktail

Demo 1: Marci Harris, CEO, Pop Vox

Demo 2: Lisa Morales-Hellebo, CEO, Shop Suey

Demo 3: Phyllis Klein Founder, Fab Lab DC

Demo 4: Jennifer O’Keefe, VP Product, Personal

Demo 5: Geraldine Le Roux, Marketing Manager, Hello Wallet

Demo 6:  Jessy Kate Schingler, Developer, Ad Hoc Networking




We Three Kings of Karaoke: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 6

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In this special edition of TechKaraoke DC Aaron Brazell, Brett Petersel, and Chris Abraham tear it up at Sticky Rice, in Washington, D.C., thus the title. This was a special evening because we got to see Chris Abraham perform for the very first time, ever. That’s right, karaoke virginity lost. Not only did he excel at a song that would make most men quiver in fear at the high notes in the chorus, but he stole the hearts and minds of everyone in the audience with his performance. Rock n’ roll friends, rock n’ roll.

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Tech Karaoke DC February Edition: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 5

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Again, playing catch up, this is video from the early February meetup of TechKaraoke DC. A whole slew of DC Twitterati showed up for the convention and sang their hearts out. Featured in this video is Aaron Brazell, Justin Herman, Jamy Barab, Leslie Bradshaw, Heather Rider, Andrea Baker, Jessica Capak, and some guy doing a modified version of the worm. Oh, what a night!

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November 2008 Tweetup: Videoblogging Week 2009 Day 3

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Long past due, this video has been sitting in my ‘unedited’ folder for months. I figured that I owed it to the Jagermeister girls, Aaron “Technosailor” Brazell, Andrew Feinberg, Jamy Barab, Judy Buttons, and Steelers Nation to get this video up. It’s nothing amazing, it’s just a night out with some friends captured for all times. Oh, and I lay out the meaning of life somewhere in the middle there.

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Jeff Pulver: “Disrupting Telecom Since 1995″

Posted by scottstead on Feb 8, 2009 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Vlog
Jeff Pulver made his way to Washington, DC on a blustery, cold, February morning.  He took time away from his usual routine of disrupting telecom, to have breakfast in their offices with a handful of Washington area social media  types.  I’ve had the pleasure, in the past, of video taping all the folks that had come to see Jeff, meet each other, and partake in his usual ‘breakfast personal networking kit’ hullabaloo. I hadn’t previously had a chance to really hear Jeff speak at length about his life and how he came to be where he is today. This time around – it was a pretty sweet deal to catch Jeff in the act.  So pull up a chair and get to know Jeff Pulver.  A large amount of thanks goes out to U.S. Telecom for hosting and Shana Glickfield of Amplify Public Affairs for putting the event together. Also a warm round of applause goes out to Doctor Popular for his ringtone’s cameo appearance near the end of the video. If you dig it, check it out over Drown Radio, that’s where Doc rocks the mic.


TechKaraokeDC January Edition

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Aaron, Justin, and I headed out for the first unofficial meetup of TechKaraokeDC at Recessions near Dupont in Washington, DC for an evening of vocal debauchery.  It was fun, it was silly, and quite frankly…”I don’t even know if I have XuXu’s pedals in my pocket anymore.”  Thank you Justin for that fine quote. Thank you all for showing up. And a huge thanks goes out to Jane for filming the absolutely most ridiculous rendition of Baby Got Back ever.

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Jonny’s Post Partay

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Formats available:Flash Video (.flv)



….and 100 Blog Posts Later

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I started making websites back in the late 90′s. My first major site was Scott’s Ska Haven. I catalogued every band, every fan site, every related piece of content to the music that I loved, that I played in a band called Tanzlokal and later Skacrates (my screen name at the time). It got a lot of traffic as far as ska sites went (at the height of the Mighyt Mighty Bosstones and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Craze). In college I developed flash sites and diddled with java. And then I dropped it all as my TV life got larger and my web life got smaller.

At the pinnacle of my TV career – as previously mentioned in my post “10th Year Televersary” – I got roped back in by Jonny Goldstein and Andy Carvin via DC Media Makers after my interest was piqued during coverage of the 2006 Midterm Elections when we had bloggers from all over converge on Washington, D.C. at Cafe Tryst in Adams Morgan to join us in covering the event. What’s happened since then? A lot…

Jonny’s Partay
Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I joined Jonny Goldstein in his fight for the rights of puppies and children with Jonny’s Partay, a weekly web show (that has been hosted on a variety of services from Operator11.com, to Blog.tv, to UStream.com, and finally rested at Mogulus.com) showcasing social media types, marketing types, bloggers, vloggers, comic strip writers, life coaches, venture capitalists, a professional trampoline coach, cancer survivors and fighters, mobile (i.e. Jeff Hibbard from his truck) life casters, and a slew of others. The show was about making connections. The most incredible aspect of the show was (for example) having someone trying to start a business, and then having someone who might be a competitor of sorts in the chat throwing out suggestions to them on how to succeed, how to implement their idea, how to move forward. The spirit of the Partay, of the Partay-cipants, and the guests is just a testament to what Jonny Goldstein is really all about. He is a connector and I’m glad that I was able to connect with him and all of the people that came with him and the Partay. And now he’s moving on to Philly and we’ll just have to see what the future holds in the Post Partay Era.

I really, really like making videos. What I’ve learned over the past year:

  • Videos of John McCain and or Barack Obama related stuff are really popular
  • I really like interviewing people at events. I had great fun at SXSW and the Pullver and Lijit Breakfasts.
  • Random videos of ET toys at 1am get a suprising number of hits on youtube.
  • Cell phone videos are good for “some” things – but generally suck otherwise. It’s nice to have for on the fly, but if you can carry another camera.
  • Interviews with Scoble, GaryVee, or Steve Garfield are always good for a few hundred views.
  • File under random again: people have a strange fascination with Codzilla in Boston.
  • All in all – if I could find a job somewhere making video for the web, be it for an organization, making show based content, or just going to conferences and interviewing people – I think I’d be happy. Thanks to all of you for some seven thousand views of the good, the beautiful, the bad, and the ugly stuff I’ve put up on this thing.

    Documentary Club
    This is my first attempt at building an online community. Thanks to Doc Pop for spurring this idea along with a simple blog post. I’m really enjoying the conversation that we’ve all started over there; it’s just really nice to watch content that stirs up intelligent conversation. It’s far more motivating than my usual, “So did you see what happened on that rerun of Charmed today?”

    I’m approaching 1000 followers. I will probably break it this month. Does this mean anything? Probably not. I like to think that if I have something important to say more people hear it. I like to think that in me following approximately the same amount of people (and I shockingly in one way or another have directly conversed with most of them) I am opening myself up to more conversations and dialogues, interesting links, different perspectives, and a pool of information that I would otherwise be missing (cause lord knows I don’t check my Google reader enough). I’ve forged some really great friendships with folks on there and I’m glad to have been sucked in. If you plan on going to a conference anytime soon make sure you stop on over to the TwitterWhore store and get your tee with your @yourtwitternamehere on it – so I can identify you. Seriously, a lot of you DO NOT look like your avatars (especially after the whole Manga incident of 2008).

    Reviews/Beta Testing
    I wrote my first review of something that I’ve beta tested recently (see “Chi.mp“. I really liked doing it. I beta test a lot of stuff. I really like writing. This just makes sense. If you’d like to me to test something for you. I will. I will be honest. Real honest. Hopefully I like your stuff. If it’s awesome I will. Nuff’ said.

    I have had a lot of fun with this. Thanks Doc Pop again for fueling it. All the pistons of my creative engine are revving when I’m rapping. I have now done two. The Ze Frank Color Wars rap and the RZA Wuchess Rap Challenge. Hopefully there will be more in my future. Hopefully you like it.

    I add this as the last installment to this already ridiculously long 100th post. I went to a Jesuit college. We protested a lot. We had causes. I haven’t had a real “cause” since college. I talk about things that I like and dislike, but I’d like to be more vocal about them going forward. I really enjoyed covering the SEIU McCain Protest in Virginia. I’m enjoying helping out Jason Barnett and The UpTake with their efforts in helping to bolster citizen journalism. And lately this whole Brian Conley and the Baghdad Brian 6 incident in Beijing has made me think a lot about all of the people that are using social media to fight the good fight. We all blog because we can, because we have free speech. And I’m not suggesting that we have to use it to fight for Free Speech around the world, or that we need to get arrested to prove a point – but I assume saying that we need to use it. There is a lot of stuff going on out there that doesn’t make it into the living rooms of Americans because the networks are too busy reporting fluff and regurgitating AP wires. It’s our job to use this platform, our blogs, and our voices to make sure that the ‘important’ stories still get told. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to try and help our friends in Beijing. I hope that we all realize the amount of power and potential that we hold with these tools and these freedoms. Every bit of attention that we can bring to their situation will help get them out of detention and back to the states. If you care about human rights and free expression please Digg this article. *Steps off of soap box.*

    Thank you for putting up with that rant. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for being a part of my community. Thank you for watching my videos. Thank you times a hundred.




    Scoblechuk 08 Interviews: Part 2

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    The interviews continue with Chris Parandian of www.MobileDiner.com and Technosailor of Technosailor.com. I think he’s dropped the “Aaron Brazell” all together at this point. Regardless, they recap the evening and get to the root of what DC Social Media needs to go to the next level – more face time.  Check it out!

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    Post Scoblechuk 08

    Posted by scottstead on Jun 25, 2008 in Bloggers, DC Social Media, Mobile, Partay, Vlog

    After a whirlwind evening with Robert Scoble and Gary Vaynerchuk, Jonny and I rushed back to get the Partay on the air! Red lights were run, pedestrian’s were nearly bounced off the hood, but Jonny still had time to make more great content for the interwebs. This is the chaos that ensued.

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