Ben Folds and Nick Hornby, Levi Johnston Song

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Ben Folds and Nick Hornby, October 19th 2010 at Sixth and I St NW, Washington, DC at the Historic Synagogue. Ben performs “Levi Johnston”.


Live Interview w/ Doc Pop on Jonny’s Par-tay

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doc pop
doc pop

So yeah, I’ve been doing some serious booking for Jonny’s Par-tay as of late – and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Last we had on one of my favorite bloggers (Julia Roy), and all in the same hot minute, Evan Blaustein, the CEO of one of my favorite geeky products: Mimobots.

This week (Wed. April 9th @9pm EST) we are having on someone that has more balls in the air than anyone I know in tech-geek-blogger land. Let me introduce you to Doctor Popular.

I learned of Doc Pop from an interview that Zadi Diaz did with him a while back on JetSet (now Epic-Fu). You can watch that interview here. In his own words (rapping of course), “I’m a comedy writer, a comics illustrator, a yo-yo pro, and a mouth harp afficianado…”. And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. In his spare time, Doctor Popular runs an Etsy store where he hosts items from hand-made wallets and coffee cozies to i-phone cases (made of denim scraps and other materials) and hand drawn comics. He makes yo-yo’s (he’s the third place world yo-yo’ing champ). He’s a tailor and clothing designer. And most important – to this week’s show at least – he’s one hell of a Nerdcore Rapper.

Doc Pop joins us on the Par-tay to set us straight about his new album “Me Geek Pretty One Day“. I have only three words to describe it…”meow, meow, motherf***3r.” With songs of caution like LoLCats, a rap battle with MC Stephen Hawking “you’ve got a 3 digit I.Q…if you use binary. Ohhh.”, and a song about Gygax “a gaming goliath” – Doc Pop keeps it geeky. He gets a little down and dirty with “twisted cherry stems”, and lays down some great beats on “les mis”, “level 2″, and “geekandsay”. Seriously, check it out. Still not sure it’s for you? Well, check out Doc Pop April 09th @9pm on Jonny’s Par-tay for a special live performance, an insiders look at the life of an artist, and the usual shenanigans you’ve come to expect from Jonny and me. Hope to see you there!

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Stephen Malkmus @ 930 Club 03/28/08 Encore

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Chatty as ever, nonchalant, sing-song often non-sensical lyrics: these are words used to describe the performance by Stephen Malkmus at the 930 Club here in Washington. I’ve always enjoyed his wimsical “flow” – the way that he molds imagery with his quick witted style. Stephen Malkmus, formerly of Pavement (R.I.P. circa 2000) – brought his latest ensemble, including, Janet Weiss, the former drummer of Sleater-Kinney to the 930 club for a stellar show. Catchy hooks, sprawling jams, comical interludes, and Malkmus talent for bringing a blend of garage rock, narrative, and flowing solos had heads bobbing late into the night.

Local boy, John Vanderslice, opened up with his own brand of political-pop-indie-rock – giving shout outs to his mom between songs, and ending his set with a not-really-visible-or-audible-to-anyone-but-the-20-folks-around-him-acoustic-jam on the floor. A novel idea – and I’m sure a pleasure for those in the cirlce, but frustrating for the rest of the crowd.

You can listen to this show in its entirity at NPR’s website.

Here is the video I captured, shot from the upper level with my Casio Exilim. I’m continuing to experiment with this nifty little camera. Not so great in low light levels, audio not so hot.

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

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Pictures In Pieces: “Outside”

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This is a music video I did for a rockin alt-punk band from NOVA that I shot and edited with my friends from Last Name Left Productions. I managed to save it – despite an 8 second gap of audio and video on our main P2 camera. You might notice it – but eh’ – it’s the interwebs right? Enjoy!

Formats available: MPEG-4 Video (.m4v)

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99Directions Finger Puppets @ SXSW 2008

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The Iron Cactus was hopping, the drinks were flowing, and the digits were dancin’. Ok, that sounded pretty lame. But yeah, thanks to our friends Adele McAlear and Colleen Coplick at www.99directions.com we were able to put together this music video. Dave Delaney seemed to enjoy it – so should you.


a life of possibilities – denied

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dplan dnied

What do you want me to say? After speaking with the girl that answered the phone at the Black Cat circa 20 after 5 – after 25 minutes of attacking ticket bastards website in total anticipation with a bad case of the jitters, I was disheartened to the tune of – “nope it sold out in under 4 minutes”… So much for the D-plans resounding chorus of “you are invited – for all times”. And by all means I was invited, however it appears that my inability to speedily type in those damn mystic hieroglyphs that are supposed to translate into a random string of numbers and letters to allow me to purchase tickets to said show left me invited to hang out outside the black cat and hope that an extra ticket lands in my lap. I was however – at the end of the convo with the lovely lady on the other end of the line left with a gleam of hope in that she said “Well we are most likely going to have a second show.” So fingers crossed – lets see if I (just like you) snag tickets for another great show from the band I last saw in 2003 in Pittsburgh just before the breakup. There’s a life of possibilities.


As if prayers were answered with such expedience, the Post (employer of D-Plans frontman Travis Morrison) report that in fact there is going to be a second show. Set the date folks – April 27th. The date we’re all waiting for (the milisecond tickets go on sale) is still up in the air however. Best luck in round two.



Sufjan, Altruism, and the Seven Swans of the Apocalypse

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Photo Courtesy Flickr User Coldbrains

8:00pm It was a cold, cold night – well below freezing. I roll down Constitution and start shooting up streets in the 20′s for the Kennedy Center looking for parking. Much to my chagrin I end up on 19th and E. Starbucks? Nah. It’s not that cold. Four blocks later my hands are made of stone; I’ve got my scarf wrapped around my face and forehead at this point. Jane call’s. “I’m almost there boo…fingers…freezing…gotta go.” At this pointing I’m thinking it wasn’t half as cold waiting for the tickets as it was walking to the actual performance.

8:15pm Holy hell, fingers red and achy. Find Jane in the hall of nations, along with some Target reps – a hell of a lot of champagne (free) and some free playing cards with photos from the previous Millennium Stage performances. Pretty cool – and I can always use a deck of cards. Aviva arrives shortly thereafter, after some confusion as to which side was the hall of states vs nations. And where am I dragged to? Target hell (or heaven) – depending on your perspective. Upstairs (while not widely known to everyone downstairs apparently) there was a room lit up red like the fires of hell – temptations at every turn – chocolate fountains, pretzels (for the dipping), chocolate cookies, cake, Rice Krispies treats, and all sorts of loose white chocolate covered pretzels, m&m’s, liquorice, Swedish fish, etc. So yeah, filled a waffle cone (the girl filled her pockets) and we ran…

8:40pm So it’s time to figure out who the lucky recipient of the “Golden Ticket,” as it was referred to the rest of the night, would be. I took a stretch down the sidewalk from hall to hall looking for a cold, lonely person wanting a ticket oh-so-badly and to no-avail. It looked as though security took care of ticket panderers. I walked back down the sidewalk – sucked-back a cigarette before I freeze to death and headed for the big screen areas in the mob/mass of people sitting and awaiting the beginning of a show they waited (most likely) outside in the cold for a week earlier. In a mousy sort of way, as not to create a mob, I assert that I have a ticket, “Does anyone need a ticket, I’ve got an extra here.” Most everyone there was in 2′s or 3′s and couldn’t seem to seperate from their significant other/s. Aviva points out someone hiding out directly behind me, jaw dropped to the ground, sitting in a stupor at the idea that there’s a ticket just hanging out in front of him, waiting to be given away. I turn. I ask him if he’d like it. He asks me, “Why are you giving me this.” I said it was extra – he smiled HUGELY and ran (not a fast walk, he ran) to get in. Shit balls! The lights are flashing and now I realize why he’s running – we dash. Down the center, to the left…and yeah. Amazing seats. And I get a pat on the back and another smile (the guy grinned the whole show) from the benefactor of our altruism. (At no point did I consider selling the tix for an exorbitant price on Craig’s List. There’s just way too much bad karma around it.)

…so here’s t he question that lingers in my mind. So we got lucky and got some tickets. It was utter chaos even at 8am and people were wandering up with coffee – no way to tell who had/hadn’t been there and the line started to form. I wasn’t about to try and figure out who was who – I just hung out – didn’t move and I GOT tickets. Standing and listening to the mob talking about how they were deciding who had/hadn’t been waiting all night by whether their hair was washed or not was amusing. I’m seriously wondering at this point if the people ALL the way at the end of the line have done the math or if its more of a ‘how scene am i’ thing. The question stands: is there some kind of unspoken-die-hard-requirement of get there 26 hours pre-ticket-give-away to ensure tickets if you’re a “fan”. Regardless – I don’t have the time or energy to be a part of that – there’s no place reserved in my brain for empathy for music elitists (those that got the tickets and bitched about people that hadn’t camped, nor those that didn’t get tickets and flamed all over dc’ist and craigslist about (a) not getting tickets or (b) people that waited, got them, and then tried to sell them for exorbitant prices (subquestion, how much is your time worth? if i waited 24 hours, hell, if i waited 2 hours for tickets in the freezing cold, my time might be worth $300 bucks too) – anyway I came, I waited, I gots me some tickets. Oh yeah. (Note: In response to my own commentary here I will say that I do believe that scalping the tickets does oppose everything that the free concert series stands for – but still – not everyone shares the same set of values. To each his/her own. ’nuff said.

So – as far as I can compile, from memory and a compendium of friends memories this is the setlist as follows:

1. concerning the UFO sighting…
2. detroit, lift up your weary head!
3. casimir pulaski day
4. counting song
5. sleeping bear, sault st marie (first live performance)
6. chicago
7. the predatory wasp of the pallisades
8. seven swans
9. majesty snow bird (unreleased)

I don’t want to try and wax musical-officianado  on this so I’m going to put it simply.  His intricate rhythms, the softness of his voice, the magnificence of the orchestra, the delicate twinkling of the celesta, the pounding of the bass, the drums playing against  and with sufjan, at-times-out-there time signatures made for a mix I doubt I’ll get to see again.  It was a very unique experience, truly, from the dynamics that the Millenium Stage opera house creates, to the simple fact that I’ll probably never see Sufjan in a tie again.  All in all – I’d do it again – and no number of swans could stop me.  Thank you Kennedy Center, and thank you Sufjan.

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