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Scott Stead has had quite a career in broadcast television, writing, video production and journalism. From his meager beginnings at WTRF TV in Wheeling, WV and WTOV TV in Steubenville, OH to currently working for a major news network in Washington, DC – Scott has shown leadership skills, creativity and technical expertise in all facets of production. Scott has what it takes to make things happen.

Aside from his day job Scott was once a freelance writer for Goal Guest. He wrote publications to aid universities in recruitment, enrollment yield, retention, student development, parent relations and alumni development. In his spare time Scott also made educational and promotional videos for the NASA Center for Educational Technologies in Wheeling, WV for various NASA projects, Senator Robert C. Byrd and Orrick Law Offices, a global law firm. Scott has done voice overs for commercials, hosted his own radio show for several years, had his own DJ’ing business, and has played in a number of unmentionable bands.

For a solid year Scott worked alongside the infamous Jonny Goldstein, slinging videos across the web from an undisclosed living room in Washington, D.C. They led discussions with social media rock stars, culture hackers, and all kinds of internet subversives. They strived every week to make their viewers a part of the the show and put the social back into social media. Viewers interacted via live text chat, video call ins, and one time even a live truck cam.

The Par-tay was honored to host guests from some of today’s most innovative social media start-ups such as Utterz and Seesmic, as well as prominent social media explorers like Chris Brogan, Beth Kanter, and Jim Long. From booking guests and inventing fresh content and contest ideas to shooting, lighting, and streaming the show – Scott made leaps and bounds working with various live streaming services to make the program accessible, look great, and easy to interact with.

Aside from Jonny’s Partay, Scott has also been working to collaborate and coordinate with other folks online in the form of www.DocumentaryClub.org. Scott is an organizer that loves bringing people together. Documentary Club was born from a conversation with Doctor Popular from San Francisco out of the desire to watch documentaries with friends from all over the country and discuss them in a forum afterwards. Since its inception the Documentary Club has a couple hundred members and various clubs formed in cities all over the U.S. (i.e. Winston Salem, the District of Columbia, New York, and San Francisco). Scott also ran social media outreach, marketing and produced an online series for NFL Pro Bowler, Dexter Manley. Dexter has one heck of a handshake.

“The bonds that we make online are strengthened when we get together offline. The connections we make change us, bind us, and inspire us to try new things, do great things, and often make choices we might never have considered for better or for worse. Social media is about being social – not about marketing, leverage or monetizing. Social media is about people. Those other things are just fringe benefits and complicating factors. I’m in it for the people.”

Do you want to work with Scott? His username on just about every social networking site is, yep, “scottstead”. If e-mail is your thing, you can contact him via e-mail: scott.stead at gmail.com

It was nice to meet you.

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