Down for the Count

Posted by scottstead on Mar 14, 2014 in Life, Vlog |

I haven’t abandoned blogging or shooting videos. I have just moved onto other things (building scooters) and other mediums to accommodate my incredibly busy life. In the mean time this blog will whither on the vine. Until the day when I feel motivated to actually update this thing you can see my photos on Flickr or Instagram. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. You can even check out my resume on LinkedIn. Each of these is under the same moniker, “scottstead”. Also, if you noticed all of my videos are now defunct due to shutting down the accounts of a lot of us early video blogger types (despite our love and support). Alas, it was a merger and ultimately a business decision that drove it. Such is life. All of my videos are archived on Youtube if there’s something you want to revisit.

I hope to see you all again on here some day, but until then…

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