DC Tech Meetup III: Women Founders and Technologists

Posted by scottstead on May 16, 2011 in DC Social Media, Tech, Vlog |

This very special edition of DC Tech Meetup includes a wicked smart set of tech demos and panelists. From figuring out finances, to ad hoc networks and from connecting congress with constituents, to open source fabrication; these demos covered everything! Do, I really need to point out that they’re all women? Not really. But after the first two tech meetups being dominated by men, the folks in charge decided it was time to shake it up and show what the women of DC tech have been up to. Jen Consalvo, COO of Tech Cocktail facilitated the evening.

Intro: Jen Consalvo, COO, Tech Cocktail

Demo 1: Marci Harris, CEO, Pop Vox

Demo 2: Lisa Morales-Hellebo, CEO, Shop Suey

Demo 3: Phyllis Klein Founder, Fab Lab DC

Demo 4: Jennifer O’Keefe, VP Product, Personal

Demo 5: Geraldine Le Roux, Marketing Manager, Hello Wallet

Demo 6:  Jessy Kate Schingler, Developer, Ad Hoc Networking



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