WuChess Challenge: I’m Gunning For You GETV

Posted by scottstead on Aug 11, 2008 in Uncategorized |

Doctor Popular made me aware of another rap challenge put on by Wuchess.com. They wanted help people make the connection between chess and hiphop. Personally, it connects back to the Nerdcore thing I did earlier this year – it’s fun to rap about geeky stuff (i.e. chess, star trek, BBS’, whatever). So in competitive fashion Doc and I decided it was on: a rap off between Jonny’s Partay and GETV. Jonny is currently indisposed with moving plans in his transition from DC to Philly, so I had to represent. Warning: What you are about hear is a lyrical masterpiece, followed by two drooling attempts to “Pwn my pawn.” Good lyric Doc. I’ll give you that.

MCSkotzded: The Partay

Doctor Popular: Drown Radio

Irina Slutsky: GETV

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