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chimpAt the height of the .me domain craze my pal Jason Drake pointed out this new site called that purported to take the content hub model that Friend Feed and so many other social media content aggregators are doing to the next level. stands for Content Hub and Identity Management Platform; “identity management” are the key words here. I hit up Myles Weissleder (@mylerdude on Twitter) and within moments I was’in. Much like Friend Feed it imports your feeds from various sites as well as contacts; currently in Alpha they’ve roped in Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. It was all a simple enough process – and they’ve got some controls built in about what exactly gets imported. So far so good.

The identity management portion of the site is not up and rolling yet – but I’m very keen on the idea. Essentially you are able to tag your content and your contacts so that you can point folks to (in my case) but ensure that your professional contacts (i.e. your boss) only see “professional content”, your friends and family are able to gawk at your less-professional content and moments, and still have a private section that only those you trust with your deepest darkest online secrets can view. Features are being added on a daily basis (I just noticed new contact management options today). will eventually include search tools, the ability to manage, merge, import, export, and publish one’s contacts, content and information with privacy controls that stretch across all interconnected platforms.

THE FACTS: You pick your domain name. Your domain name can be used as your login anywhere that OpenID is accepted and used; no more forgetting your password. One location to showcase all of your info. appears (according to their front page) to be planning access to Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, Yahoo, Skype, Blogger, WordPress, Google,, Delicious, Friendfeed, Bebo, and Muxtape to name a few. Tagging will limit who sees what content.

Will this change the way we manage our online identities? You bet it will. They put it best on the front page of the site, “We wouldn’t own a cellphone that would only allow us to call people on the same network, we should demand the same freedom with our identity on the web.” The ability to get data in and out these walled gardens like Facebook and Myspace is something that’s been done. Giving you control over that content using a common protocol and a common set of rules from the comfort of your own personalized domain name, however, has not. I’m really looking forward to the September full on launch when we can all register our .mp domains and say, “Now let’s see what this baby can do.” Don’t worry. I’ll keep you in the loop.

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  • jason drake is great. hopefully it takes off. i can see it going places. hope its starts soon for beta. i know lots of people who want in

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