The $2 LED Camera Light for Video and Photos

Posted by scottstead on Jun 6, 2008 in DIY, Gadgets, How To, Misc. Links |
$2 cam light
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I was thinking the other day that it would be great if I had some sort of small lighting device that I could use with my Casio Exilim for those bar-back-room interviews I like doing so much. You’ve seen them – great interview, decent audio – but man the lighting is begging for improvement. What do you expect from a tiny point and shoot. Apparently a lot. Nobody likes a grainy interview. So I thought about it, and requirements are as follows.

  1. Hands Free
  2. Small
  3. Runs on rechargable batteries
  4. Doesn’t eat those batteries quickly
  5. Bright
  6. Cheap

Sounds simple enough, right? Well apparently it is. I found this cool little how-to on how to build your own under-camera light for somewhere around $2. That I can spare. As to the hands free – it screws onto the mount on the bottom of the camera. I’ll let you know how it goes as this sounds like a great weekend project. Let me know if you end up building one too!


The $2 LED Camera Light for Video and Photos – Instructables – DIY, How To, tech, photography – Entry

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  • Kenya

    That sounds interesting as I bought an LED light from Microcenter that is TOO bright. It blinds unsuspecting interview subjects.

  • Adele McAlear

    Your project is certainly a cost savings over buying one of these LED “Litepanels”

    I’d love to see your solution in action :-)

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