Ze Frank’s Color Wars Nerd Rap Contest

Posted by scottstead on Apr 11, 2008 in Bloggers, Music, Nerdcore |

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I entered. This is my rap…BLUE TEAM REPRESENT!

And if you’re really itching to check out the remix I completed the morning after – here it is. The Remix Is Here
Start Rediculousness
A wella wella -
Mc Scott aint frontin, nerd rapper huntin
i’m hittin that shit – while you lookin for the button
Your fake like spam, and im hot like bacon
I’m the master mc youre a failure in the makin’
I’m on version 27 you’re still rollin in beta.
I’m geekier than screech, but i’m tougha’ than slata’
id be in prison if Pwnin u was a crime
autobots rollout – im tough like optimus prime

I’m slick with the coding like im slick with the ladies
I was getting laid on BBS’ back in the 80′s
I might be white like the bread, but im hotter than hades
i slam like a hammer and i flow like euphrates

ill mac your girl like the kirk,i’ll knock you out like the spock,
i’ll post the picshas up on flickr because thats how i rock

im representin’ for blue – givin the epic F U
im rappin n and im geeking because thats what i do
all you aspiring nerd rappers might have the best of intentions
but I’ve got more rhymes than chris brogans got questions…

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